The service I offer recovering pool tables is second to none.

Reclothing pool tables

I have been recovering and re-rubbering pool tables over the south of England for many years. I have recovered them for members of the England team, Dorset county teams, Wiltshire county teams, snooker clubs, social clubs, pubs, youth clubs, prisons, cruise ships and almost everywhere.

Whenever possible, I use West of England cloth. For a table to play correctly, a quality cloth must be used.

I regularly re-cloth tables made by Supreme, DPT, Sams, Hazelgrove, Home Leisure, Optima, Excel and many more.

Re-rubbering pool tables

Sometimes rubber on pool tables need replacing, it just gets old. There is no set time limit, it depends upon the batch of rubber made. I often have to re-rubber pool tables and there is an art to it. Quite often it is re-rubbering tables that have been badly done. As standard, I use a black rubber to replace the rubbers on pool tables, there are several sizes of rubber for different makes of tables.

Things to look for

When I recover a pool table, I take pride in my work, all the staples will be removed, including the ones that the previous person could not be bothered to remove.

Contact glue will be used to stick on the bed cloth, if spray glue is used, the cloth will fall off, leaving you with a table that will need to be recovered again !!

The cloth should be stuck to the edge and not the underside, doing this can bow the slate.

Cloth quality, always ask what cloth will be used, Chinese cloth is very poor quality and cheap.

Things to avoid

Pre-covered cushions. I have never turned up with pre-covered cushions, this is a way for unscrupulous companies to STEAL your new cushions and leave you with a worn out set.

Cheap Chinese cloths, ask to see the logo, all quality cloths are stamped.

Spray glue, it is not strong enough to keep any tension in the cloth. A slack cloth is a slow cloth.

Cloth stuck under the slate. This will cause the slate to bow, and if covered using the correct glue, there is no need for this bad practice.

Cloth colours

I carry a range of colours in stock, including green, blue, purple, red, burgundy, powder blue and black.

I can re-cloth your pool table in a huge range of colours from the Hainsworth range, in speed or napped cloth. There is an extra charge for this, due to the very high postage costs and the cloth itself is very expensive.

Types of cloth

Speed cloth, has a smooth, super fast playing surface, it is long lasting and originally designed for American pool tables. Napped cloth, used by the top players, it gives excellent ball response, originally designed for snooker and billiard tables.