Reclothing snooker tables

My skills were taught to me by a Mr Brian Whitcher, he was the top table fitter for E J Riley, installing and maintaining the tables for the world championships on no less than three occasions.

I have been reclothing, re-rubbering and repairing snooker and billiard tables in the South of England for over 25 years. I provide a professional, competitive service that is second to none.

I am able to replace the cloth, set up and adjust levels on all slate bed tables from the brand new to antique of any manufacturer.

I have covered tables in private houses, for professional snooker players, snooker clubs, social clubs, prisons, mental hospitals, castles and in numerous different countries.

I have recovered snooker and billiard tables by many makers, from the well known to the unusual, they include E J Riley, Thurston, BCE, Orme & Sons, Burroughes & Watts, George Wright, Karnehm & Hillman, J Ashcroft, John Bennett, Cox & Yeman, George Edwards, Home Leisure, Frank Cox, W. Jelks, Thomas Padmore, Stevens, and many more.

Choice of cloth

Having covered hundreds of tables with most of the English cloths available, the cloth I recommend is West of England 6811 Gold Tournament. This is one grade down from the cloth that is used on all professional tournaments. It is a very fast cloth, lasts a long time and keeps its tension. I have been asked by Jimmy White to put this exact cloth on his practice table, on several occasions.

Always ask to see the logo.

Coloured cloth

However should you wish to have your snooker or billiard table covered in a more unusual colour, then I use Hainsworth Smart cloth, there is a huge choice of colours available. There is an extra charge for Hainsworth cloth due to the postage costs and the high cost of the cloth.

Re-rubbering snooker tables

On full size snooker tables, I only use Northern rubber, it is used on all Tournament tables. There is no real alternative if you want your table to have a true and consistent bounce. Northern rubber is date stamped, it is bought in to order.

On smaller tables, I am not able to use Northern rubber, it is only made in one size. I am able to re-rubber any smaller table, but the rubber is not made in this country. There are several different sizes available.

Stretching bed cloths

To stretch a bed cloth, it must be removed from the table, this enables the slate to be cleaned, levelled and filled.

The cheat is to pull the cloth at the ends, this moves the baulk line, but is not stretching the bed cloth, you will still be charged the same.

New nets and leathers

I can replace any nets and leathers on your table, I have a large selection of both in stock.

There are several sizes of leathers available, from the mini ones to the huge ones that are used on the Tournament tables, and it is just the same with the nets. I keep all sizes of bag nets as well as the ring nets for ball rails in stock as well.

Levelling of snooker tables

We are happy to level snooker tables, it is an art that requires a huge amount of patience and skill.